Apple and Chips - New School Tech

Now this here blog is supposed to document the integration of fancy iPod, Apple interactive type gubbins to the classroom, however I think it’s important to share the use and knowledge of any nice tech available in the school to see if anyone else has any ideas for how we can further use it.

On Friday afternoon I introduced my GCSE Graphics group to the wonder that is the Roland CAMM-1 GX24. It’s a CAD / CAM plotter capable of trimming, scoring and cutting a variety of sheet materials for a variety of means.


By means of an introduction to this piece of kit, I announced that the group would all be creating custom labels for their design folders, and ran through a demonstration culminating in this suitably humble example:


The response of the students was great, keen to “one-up” their teacher the took the bait from my ridiculous label…

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