Best thing I ever had

This is sa very simple question. It’s my family. I think every person’s treasure is their family. Not necessarily by blood but by how you care for each other you may not even notice that you already treat someone like a family to you.

I really love my family. And indeed they are God’s greatest gift to me. No one else can take away that treasure to me. So family is another treasure that no one else can take away from you other than education.

My family 🙂

Ella Martinez Tria
Aphrodite Leunamme Tria Orillo
Emmanuel Aguinaldo Orillo
Porshia Rodil Martinez
Flora Callueng Martinez

These are some of the people that are part of my TREASURE. Best thing I ever had. :p
Thank you Lord for this treasure I call “family.”

But then…
If we are gonna talk about as in the literal best thing, that would be my Blackberry phone. It’s like my material best friend. I like everything about it. As in I love it. From the features and to how it look like. From the inside and outside. The apps, everything. It is also in my Blackberry phone I type down how I feel, like a best friend wherein you tell everything. It is in my Blackberry wherein I vent out. You can punch your best friend when you felt bad on the other hand I don’t throw my Blackberry when I’m angry but I could grip it as tight as I could if I will feel bad. It’s been like a partner to me and I won’t go anywhere without it. :p

Thank you God for giving me a Blackberry. 🙂

“God is good, all the time!”

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Blogging. WordPress. My life.

Suddenly got interested with blogging. Just because of wordpress, if felt inspired. Mostly because using my Blackberry app, I can post as drafts even without internet connection. It won’t show on the site yet but at least it will be easy to publish my post when I have my internet.

Speaking of internet, did you know that you can actually have a free internet forever just using the usb modem. 🙂 it’s pretty cool. Just search ultrasurf. 🙂 then download the software and follow the instructions. 🙂 leave comments if you want to know the step by step instructions on how you can set this up. 🙂

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Just another post

Thank you for another day. For all the blessings, for the love, and the gift of life. 🙂

Just trying to make the most out of my free one hour internet for my phone. I’m just wondering is there someone out there reading my posts? I hope there is so that if something happens to me (I hope not) then there will be someone who will know about me, not maybe about what happen but at least know who I am and know the real me. 🙂

Have faith guys and keep smiling! 🙂

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