World’s Lightest Metal

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See for yourself:

You can read more about it here, courtesy of Yahoo! Apparently, the researches used the shape of the Eiffel Tower as an inspiration for the design of this remarkable metal, since this structure is both stable and strong. Therefore, they succeeded in creating something that is not only lightweight, but highly practical (previous very light man-made materials were unpalatable due to their instability – hence the utilization of the Eiffel Tower shape.

In experiments, these metal lattices proved very springy, bouncing back to their original shape even after being compressed to less than half their size.

“We’re envisioning applications in structural components, such as in aerospace,” Schaedler said. “Its energy-absorption capabilities might also make it useful for acoustic-, vibration- and shock-damping. We can control the architecture on the millimeter, micrometer and nanometer scales, to design materials with tailored properties for specific applications, if we want.”

The researchers are now experimenting…

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Coming Soon: The First Made-in-Lab Burger ? برغر مصنعة في المختبرات

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Q8 Chitchat

Last week many news articles were talking about the burgers made in labs. Yes seriously, burgers made of meat grown in labs! 😀 According to those articles, the lab-made burger will be available within a year and the process to produce the first burger of this kind would cost $345,000 which is approximately KD90,000.

This expensive meat grown in laboratory is believed to feed the world and end the growing global hunger once scientists reach the right recipe. The source of the first step in this process is taken from stem cells of slaughtered animal leftovers.

The white thingy you see in the picture below is actually the meat grown in laboratory. They look white because they lack blood and they must be nurtured with sugars, amino acids, lipids, minerals and all other nutrients to be grown in the right method.

If interested to read the full article, click here

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iTired of the Apple® Crush

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Matthew Perry

Have you ever heard of Apple?

Have you ever heard someone talk about Mac computers?

Have you ever heard of an iPod? or iPad? or iTunes?

In today’s world I feel like every time I turn are around there is a new iSomething?

Wait, hold on iGottaPee real quick….. hold on iBRB.


First off I would like to start by saying that I am Windows OS guy, always have been. Since I was just a wee little lad my father has been a computer guru. He always pushed me to Windows believing that Apple/Mac had their own problems just like the PC did but that overall it was a superior product. I also feel that the Android OS that is currently used on cell phones and some select tablets is superior to the current iOS…… Anyway, Now that we have got that established I am going to go ahead…

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