I just logged in to find out all my earnings were gone!!! What a scam.
If there’s a problem with their website I don’t care as long as they fix it. If not I will consistently blog about them being a SCAM. EARN MAILER IS A SCAM. I repeat, EARNMAILER IS A SCAM!

To earn mailer, I’m giving you another chance, if I will lose my earnings again, you will not like it. You will see everywhere that your website is a SCAM.


5 thoughts on “EARNMAILER IS A SCAM!!!!!!!

  1. Brando Bandit says:

    Well, you’re absolutely right. Earmailer is a plain SCAM! My 2-dollar earnings just became $0.01. Dammit!

    With regards to their raffle thingy? Don’t believe it! It’s just a deception.

    EARNmailer is a SCAM!

  2. athenajeunnessemae says:

    what happened to you? i just found out about the earnmailer is not a scam because it was actually my mistake. :(<

  3. athenajeunnessemae says:

    Earn Mailer viewed my blog, and asked me to tell you that you should email info@earnmailer.com. They could actually help you ’cause they did help me out and resolved my issue.

    Dear Earn Mailer, I emailed you, I was wondering why the views are not updating? Thanks!

  4. ss says:

    You can also try this website. It is 100 legit. You can earn through surveys, by referring(points by age), and even just by logging in you get a point. Only 200 points minimum cash out. Some surveys give 50 points.


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