EarnMailer deserves an apology!!

I didn’t know that I would come to a point that I will need to blog about this. I am very sorry for my blog last time. This is the second time I will apologize in a blog to Earn Mailer. They had answer all my queries to find out that it was my fault, I didn’t know I had two accounts, so I already deleted the other account to avoid confusion. I AM using earn mailer at home and at work so I didn’t now that I had two accounts. Thanks to earn mailer who informed me about it! Kudos! I felt embarrassed with what I said and what I blogged about them. They didn’t deserved it. I grew paranoid with all the pay to email that spread around the internet. I am very sorry my dear Earn Mailer! Please do forgive me, and I would still want to be a member of Earn Mailer. I was really lucky to found out about your site. A few load credits was a real help especially for Filipinos! Good job to you guys and keep up the good work. It’s nice to know that I found a legitimate site here in the internet that pays and answers all your queries. So guys, sign up for Earn Mailer at :

And I assure you this site is legitimate and will really pay out. Easy to earn, pays good especially for Filipinos. Kudos, and my apologies! Keep up the good job!

Earn Mailer,
Thanks for reading my blog! Pls keep on visiting my website. Thank you!

My New Theme.

I’m still not contented with my theme. What can you say about my theme? Do you have any theme suggestion of any comment about my new theme? If your not contented with my theme then I’ll change it. I’m not contented as well. I still can’t find a theme that would fit to my personality. but hope you liked it!

Depending on the comments, I maybe changing my theme tomorrow. 🙂

For now, good night everyone! Keep the comments coming!

Its SEA-SONed not ASEAN Bloggers

Unspun Redux

For years, ASEAN officials – the bureaucrats in the governments and the Secretariat – have zealously guarded the ASEAN name like high priests, even while they claim that their ultimate aim is to create one region wide community and identity.

So it is with some irony that when the bloggers in these countries finally get together – where else but in cyberspace and in Facebook at that – they decided not to call themselves ASEAN bloggers but the South East Asian Social Network (SEASONed) Bloggers.

Kudos to them for showing the authorities that they are no one’s tools for pledges, swearing ins and declarations and pabulum that is soooo ASEAN.

Now the Facebook is humming with ideas about aggregating blogs throughout the region and other initiatives.

This, of course opens up the question of what the ASEAN Secretariat and the governments should be doing to engage the region’s youth and…

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

One year ago I was full of dread concerning 2011. I knew my husband would be spending the year in a war zone halfway around the world, I was frustrated with the seemingly stand-still status of my writing, and overwhelmed by family stuff that seemed too big to ever improve. In my mind, 2011 was nothing to get excited about. And, looking back, 2011 has had some incredibly trying moments. This deployment has, in fact, sucked. My writing still has its challenges. A few members of my family have gone through some very scary health scares. But, 2011 has had some amazing moments as well, and in hindsight, the good far outweighs the bad.

This last year has given my so much to be thankful for:

1) My husband, who’s brave, selfless, loving, and forever supportive of me and my writing. He’s also the world’s…

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So You Think You Can Blog?


Well I’ve got news for you: YOU CAN!

I know, I know, of course a blogger is going to tell you that you can blog but hear me out. I’ve just eaten half a dozen chocolate chip cookies and I’m on a massive sugar high.

You. The life YOU live, the experiences YOU’VE had, the decisions YOU’VE made, the person YOU are today and the person YOU’RE on the verge of becoming all deserve to be brough to light.

Maybe you don’t feel that interesting (join the club), maybe you’re private, or maybe you’re scared. Whatever your “maybe”, just know, if you’ve ever had the desire to speak out loud, share your story, offer comfort and hope or simply tell a story – we’re here. All of us. And we’re waiting for you.

Yes, the blogosphere is massive. “Gee”, you’re thinking, “my voice is small, I can’t compete.”

You don’t have to.


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Why brands could learn a lot from Next when it comes to working with bloggers.

Yellow Days

There was a flurry of debate recently about bloggers and blaggers. Are bloggers just in it for the free stuff and is that a bad thing? Reviews and sponsored posts have only ever played a small part in my blogging so I haven’t really weighed in on the issue but my trip to Leicester yesterday for the Next Blogger Event has got me thinking. There is a better way for bloggers and brands to get along.

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New post on WordPress.com News

Google Knols Move to WordPress: The Annotum Platform
by Ryan Markel
Today, we’d like to give a warm welcome to Google Knol users who are migrating to WordPress.com. Begun in 2007, the Google Knol project has provided people in many fields with a place to share their knowledge and expertise with the world using a platform designed for scholarly authoring and publishing.

Starting today, those same authors can move their articles and collaborative journals to WordPress—and they have the power to choose whether to move to a self-hosted WordPress installation powered by the freely-available, open-source Annotum themes, or to have their Annotum-powered site hosted for free here on WordPress.com. Knol will slowly shut down over the next year, and we’ve worked closely with Google, Solvitor LLC, and Crowd Favorite to make this transition as simple as possible.

We here at WordPress.com are thrilled to provide an easy, fast way for Knol authors to move to their new homes without the need for configuring their own installation. And WordPress.com users who would like to start new sites powered by the Annotum platform can activate one of the two new Annotum-enabled themes on new blogs and get started right away. It’s yet another way the WordPress platform and WordPress.com are enabling the democratization of publishing and sharing of information with the world.

For more detailed information on the Annotum Project, please visit the official site. If you’re moving to WordPress.com and have questions about the process, please see our step-by-step guide and our list of frequently asked questions.

Ryan Markel | November 22, 2011 at 9:42 pm | Tags: Annotum | Categories: WordPress.com | URL: http://wp.me/pf2B5-2mO

I really hate this, everything has changed since he started studying.. There’s no food for me, no one I can rely on when I need help. I feel so alone. Day by day I feel regret why did I give him a chance to study when in fact what he has to do is take care of the baby or work? I didn’t want things to be like this…

I made my decision, I will start my home based job either by December 10 or 25.. No regrets, then if we got nothing to eat I don’t care I wont do anything, I will let him find the solution to the problem all the time. I wont help out!! NO MORE MISS NICE WIFE!

Anyhow, dear readers, I need you to pray for me, tomorrow my friend broker will meet with the potential buyer of my cousins from which if it gets sold, I will have my fair share of 10 percent, to my dear followers, they know how much I need this. So please pray for me. I really need the money I will get from the sold condo.

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