I got absent today and will pass my resignation letter on Monday.
i can’t exchange the health of my baby in return for my job. Besides, I shouldn’t be the one working. Right? There are some things in life that other people don’t understand. Like the decisions made in life. I did make a lot of wrong decision but that is part of our life. That is how we will learn. By the mistake that we did and by experience. This may not be a good topic for a blog, but this part of my life. And I want to share this to everybody.

I love my baby, she’s just 6 months, she still need a mother beside her, the breast milk that only a mother has. A grandmother, the father is still different from the mother. No one can break the bond between a baby and his/her mother. Not because the umbilical cord has been cut, it already means we can be apart. No.. No one.

Since I am jobless and will work for home based job, you will see a lot of me here. So please keep on visiting my site! Thank you!