Theme for a Blog

I have been seriously blogging for about two weeks now and I still haven’t came up with a theme for my blog. A lot of people and articles told me that a log must have a theme. This is because you may have as target audience and they may visit you regularly if they would be interested in your blog.

I still haven’t come up with a specific theme, but I have a few in mind.

1. Related to Filipinos and my personal blog as well.
I was thinking of this theme but a lot of blogs out there are having something about Filipinos as their theme. And I cant even think of any sub-theme anymore. There is like a hundred blogs out there referring to Filipinos with different subtopics. It will not be easy to be known if I would choose this theme but at least I can have specific targets for my blog, but it will take time before my blog to became popular or even increase traffic. And also the disadvantage of this that I thought is that maybe, other nationalities wont be a part of the audience of my blog. It would be better if I would have an audience globally. For the theme that I would include some of my personal blog is easy because some bloggers cares about other blogger’s posts even if this is a personal type of post. Bottom-line, I want a target audience globally and choosing this theme wont be a good idea for that. I know for a beginner it’s quite a ambitious dream but as we know, it’s free to dream and what’s bad with choosing your dream and doing it at least step by step, everyone started low before they became big, right?

2. About God.
But I there is a lot of different religions out there and this might not be a good of idea for my target audience…

Ugh. Still landed on my theme, RANDOM..

Any suggestions? I really needed it, thanks!