Social Networking Sites versus Blogs

Gone were the days wherein a lot of people blog. Nowadays a lot of people like spend most of their time in the social networks. But then, there are still sites that pay you to blog. Well, there are pros and cons for that. First that I’ve noticed is blogs seems to be more professional than social networks, and seems more appropriate. And the pro that I am thinking right now is that companies or schools block some of these social networking sites unlike if you are using you are blog, especially with a paid domain, this site is not block by websense or so in your office or university, another advantage for the advertisers. Websites has been used as part of business, advertising and marketing and blogs has been considered as websites not just some profile in a social network. Blogs are also good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that may be probably a lot company still pays people to blog. Blog is still influencial to people even though we don’t notice it. Now, I am more fond of spending time blogging rather than just spending the most in a social network, commenting on pictures or reading status of people and you don’t even care about it. I am now serious with my blog and looking forward to having a page rank soon. Someday I would earn some from my blog and my site would be known and at least have a page rank of 9. 🙂 And my dear readers, I know you can help me out. 🙂

People out there, can you help me out increase my page rank? 🙂

** I love blogging using my smartphone, I can come up to article with more words rather than using the laptop. I wonder why?

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