Gluten Free Packaging: Doing it Right


Strolling the grocery store aisles, some packages scream their ingredients at you, others whisper. Others….are inconclusive.

Since the FDA can’t seem to get their act together regarding standardized labeling of gluten-free foods, it’s been up to manufacturers to get the proper information to consumers. Much of the time, this comes down to packaging.  Sexy, innovative packaging design is great, but even better is clear and consistent labeling. For our money, we find Trader Joe’s is among the best at this.  For one, they were on top of the issue years before other manufacturers gave gluten-free items much thought. For another, they offer a wide variety of products, with some glaring exceptions. But importantly, they have a clear packaging solution.

This straightforward system of package logos/labels is great, because it takes just a glance, and without reading the ingredient list, you know it’s safe to eat.  Additionally, Trader Joe’s has a…

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