Lugh is an old Irish deity of light and good nature, as well as craftsmanship. He is also called “Lamhfhada” (“long arm” or “longhand”) for his skill with a spear and sling. Lugh also had a Welsh counterpart who is known as Lleu Llaw Gyffes, which means “the bright one with the strong hand”.

Lugh is the grandson of the god-like one eyed fomorian named Balor. A prophecy was told that he would be killed by his own grandchild. So Balor locked his only daughter, Ethniu, in the “Tor-Mor” (Great Tower) and twelve women were kept with her at all times to keep her from learning of even the mere existace of men.

This didn’t work out very well..

So Ethniu was ‘rescued’ from the tower by some posh knightly chap and became pregnant. Lugh was born, beginning the prophecy, and Lugh went on to join the Tuatha De Danann…

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