Rivulets are those tiny droplets of water that join together and move in a common direction. After lots of movement over time these little streams can really impact their environment  in significant ways. They begin to shape valleys and eventually build canyons. We have rivulets in our lives and it is my sincere belief we have rivulets in our businesses.  They are the little behaviors that eventually tip into culture and build our character and legacy.

Business rivulets start with people.  Managers leading encouraging, motivating little streams to run in certain paths.  Perhaps invisible at first, over time erosion is clear. What does this have to do with business continuity?  Everything.  Rivulets form shape of your resilience.  Day after day they reinforce or degrade direction, efficiency and speed.  Contingencies are initially built-in as the path of least resistance but leaders can design them to create value and build character.  What canyons are your rivulets building?

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One thought on “Rivulets

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