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I’m enjoying it! Went for my daily (Mon-Fri.) radiation treatment and happened to mention that my radiated area is getting much more ‘pink’ that a few days ago, so this facilitated another visit to the head Radiologist (not a problem, his office is right down the same hallway as radiation, you go there wearing those lovely wrap around gowns – no one sees you except people who have been seeing you all along). Well, it appears my skin is reacting more severely than most people (due to my being very fair skinned). New results? We start “The Boost” tomorrow! That makes my total treatments down to 8 or 9, depending on what the doctor thinks when we get to almost ‘the end’ (that means – just how my skin is tolerating this more intense radiation, directed at the area of the previous tumors). Wow-treatment end in sight? KEWL!!!

Along with…

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