Practical Classes for Writers

Abby Has Issues

It’s back to school time for most people, and while I value my college education, I can’t help but feel that the writing curriculum they provided didn’t necessary prepare me for the real world.

Of course I took the basics for academic, creative and professional writing, but technical skills aside, they failed to address the more “realistic” aspects of being a writer.


So with that said, I have proposed a few more practical classes that all aspiring writers should be required to take.

Textual Dysfunction

This introductory prerequisite will tackle the perennial problem of writer’s block and the five stages every writer will go through. Along with preparing the student for the emotional trauma of textual dysfunction, several creative writing exercises will be performed in an effort to facilitate creative expression — including how to explain to friends and family that your blog/novel is not based on them, even…

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Impressions of India

Ron Mayhew

 It is impossible to not be in awe of what is India. She is at once chaotic, unruly, exaggerated and constantly in motion.

The pace of life is frenetic and I believe all of India must be sleep deprived.

It is impossible, at least for me, to fully understand, much less describe her. And that’s the fascination.

Images of India Offering Diyas, River Ganges, Varanasi

I have heard that there are more billionaires minted in India each year than any other country in the world.

But that is not what attracts me. My India is rather tattered and frayed. And orange.

Especially the northern portion. Everything has a coating of orange from the polluted, smog filled air and blowing dust from the arid land.

Images of India Kumba Mela, Allahabad

Saffron, a color that symbolizes all aspects of Hinduism, is the color of sadhus and saints,

ascetics and sages. It is the color of the holy…

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Why “The Fifth Element” is the best sci-fi movie ever and you’re wrong about it.

Bloggity, Bloggity, Blog

So I get a lot of shit for liking The Fifth Element. I’ve never quite understood all the hate for the film online. Ernest Cline has Buckaroo Bonzai. I have Korben Dallas. I think the problem is that people just don’t understand what they’re seeing when they watch The Fifth Element. Here. Let me explain it a bit in list form.

1. The film is a living, breathing, comic book. No. Really. The film was designed by Moebius, one of the greatest artist that has ever lived and it is the ONLY film that looks like his pages just came to life. The aliens, the armor designs, the vehicles, everything in that film looks like it came out of a french comic book and I love it. The visuals are amazing.

2. The world lives. The problem I have with a lot of sci-fi films is they feel the need…

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