Bea Binene on Carmela TV series on GMA

Bea Binene (Source: Tempo)

Bea Binene (Source: Tempo)



Carmela: Ang Pinakamagandang Babae Sa Mundong Ibabaw is a Filipino TV series is about a very beautiful woman who had gone through a lot in her life. The show first aired last January 27, 2014. Miss Beanca Marie Landero Binene or Bea Binene, a finalist in the StarStruck Kids will be appearing in Carmela on April 28, 2014.

Bea Binene has played the role of Natalie Dimaculangan on First Time. She is also one of the Junior Child Ambassadors for the Haribon Foundation since 2005. (Wikipedia)

During Holy Week, Bea again had Visita Iglesia in which she visited churches in Bulacan, La Union and Baler. She has been doing this almost every year. She is really devoted to God despite her busy schedule. She serves as a good example to the Youth. Despite her fame now and busy schedule, she always did her best to practice her faith.

Watch her on Carmela which will be broadcast-ed in GMA, April 28, 2014 Monday. She will play the role of Eunice, and will probably be a love triangle with Carmela.

Why Philippines Is Not Successful


Who's to blame?

Do I still need to comment about this? Hey. This is quite obvious. A lot of Filipinos don’t fail to see this. But our leaders do. What I hate most is that this leaders think all of the Filipinos are stupid. NO. Some of us maybe really poor or may don’t know how to read and write. BUT we are not stupid and we are aware of things like this. Don’t treat us like a kid or some sort of people who are careless about the country. We do care and we do know what is happening. Even a 5 year old kid knows what is happening and why Philippines is poor country. Gaaaah. Be ashamed of yourself, my dear. Have a little shame!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you even realize that Philippines has been known for its corruption and if I’m not mistaken we are on the top 3 most corrupt country and even if I’m wrong with the number I can’t be wrong about Philippines being known for its corruption. Be ashamed of yourselves people! 🙂

Post Script

Dear Filipinos,
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