The Birth of my Website,

Welcome to the world of web, I just want to welcome my site. I now have my domain and my host. I am so happy. Like a mother of my website, I have dream to, I just want it to earn and be known something.. But since it was just born, we have to start step by step.

1. By letting the world of web know its birth.
December 1, 2011, the birth of my website,

2. Learning step by step.
Like a kid, month by month, it learns something new. And since we are both new to this stuff, new mother and new web, we learn from each other..

I know soon, my website will earn, my website will be known. And I want you, to be a part of it! 🙂

So now, I want you to register and be an author here in my site, everyone is welcome! 🙂

Lhyzie, Thank you for all your help with the hosting and domain,I wouldn’t have this without you. for a cheap price of Domain.

HexSolutions.Net for a cheap value for hosting!

Someday, my website will be known.:)

Do you usually remember your dreams?

Depends on the dream. Most of the time, if the dream has affected me, I remember it. But if does not, then I usually can’t remember it. It is easy to remember things that has affected you. Either it made you happy or sad, once it made an impact, it is easy to remember. Rarely where the times that I was affected by a dream I can’t remember.

Who agrees with me?

Theme for a Blog

I have been seriously blogging for about two weeks now and I still haven’t came up with a theme for my blog. A lot of people and articles told me that a log must have a theme. This is because you may have as target audience and they may visit you regularly if they would be interested in your blog.

I still haven’t come up with a specific theme, but I have a few in mind.

1. Related to Filipinos and my personal blog as well.
I was thinking of this theme but a lot of blogs out there are having something about Filipinos as their theme. And I cant even think of any sub-theme anymore. There is like a hundred blogs out there referring to Filipinos with different subtopics. It will not be easy to be known if I would choose this theme but at least I can have specific targets for my blog, but it will take time before my blog to became popular or even increase traffic. And also the disadvantage of this that I thought is that maybe, other nationalities wont be a part of the audience of my blog. It would be better if I would have an audience globally. For the theme that I would include some of my personal blog is easy because some bloggers cares about other blogger’s posts even if this is a personal type of post. Bottom-line, I want a target audience globally and choosing this theme wont be a good idea for that. I know for a beginner it’s quite a ambitious dream but as we know, it’s free to dream and what’s bad with choosing your dream and doing it at least step by step, everyone started low before they became big, right?

2. About God.
But I there is a lot of different religions out there and this might not be a good of idea for my target audience…

Ugh. Still landed on my theme, RANDOM..

Any suggestions? I really needed it, thanks!


What does it feel like to be homeless? It’s been a long time since I had this problem. I thought everything was starting to be okay. Then to find out that it’s not. And what hurts is to find it out from other people. It really hurts that everything is like this. Christmas is fast approaching and it is still like this. I don’t know what do. I may have a house now but my family is homeless. And I really pity my daughter, i really love her and it hurts me that she has to go through all this. She doesn’t deserve this. People here really don’t have a heart. They don’t care. All they care about is themselves. It hurts me so much. I don’t know what to do. I know this post will ruin my WordPress blog or even my page ranking, but I have to blurt this out somewhere. Of course I can’t blurt it out in Facebook because even people who don’t are about you will see the post unlike here in my blog, people who really cares about me will see this post. This is who I am. And this is what is really happening in my life. I’m torn. Mom worries about me and I don’t want her to worry but you can’t blame her, any mother would worry with what I am going through right now.

Thinking… Will all the rant I made, I forgot something I would like to include in this post. Since I cannot remember what was the other thing that I plan to rant here, I will end it here.


I got absent today and will pass my resignation letter on Monday.
i can’t exchange the health of my baby in return for my job. Besides, I shouldn’t be the one working. Right? There are some things in life that other people don’t understand. Like the decisions made in life. I did make a lot of wrong decision but that is part of our life. That is how we will learn. By the mistake that we did and by experience. This may not be a good topic for a blog, but this part of my life. And I want to share this to everybody.

I love my baby, she’s just 6 months, she still need a mother beside her, the breast milk that only a mother has. A grandmother, the father is still different from the mother. No one can break the bond between a baby and his/her mother. Not because the umbilical cord has been cut, it already means we can be apart. No.. No one.

Since I am jobless and will work for home based job, you will see a lot of me here. So please keep on visiting my site! Thank you!

EarnMailer deserves an apology!!

I didn’t know that I would come to a point that I will need to blog about this. I am very sorry for my blog last time. This is the second time I will apologize in a blog to Earn Mailer. They had answer all my queries to find out that it was my fault, I didn’t know I had two accounts, so I already deleted the other account to avoid confusion. I AM using earn mailer at home and at work so I didn’t now that I had two accounts. Thanks to earn mailer who informed me about it! Kudos! I felt embarrassed with what I said and what I blogged about them. They didn’t deserved it. I grew paranoid with all the pay to email that spread around the internet. I am very sorry my dear Earn Mailer! Please do forgive me, and I would still want to be a member of Earn Mailer. I was really lucky to found out about your site. A few load credits was a real help especially for Filipinos! Good job to you guys and keep up the good work. It’s nice to know that I found a legitimate site here in the internet that pays and answers all your queries. So guys, sign up for Earn Mailer at :

And I assure you this site is legitimate and will really pay out. Easy to earn, pays good especially for Filipinos. Kudos, and my apologies! Keep up the good job!

Earn Mailer,
Thanks for reading my blog! Pls keep on visiting my website. Thank you!

My New Theme.

I’m still not contented with my theme. What can you say about my theme? Do you have any theme suggestion of any comment about my new theme? If your not contented with my theme then I’ll change it. I’m not contented as well. I still can’t find a theme that would fit to my personality. but hope you liked it!

Depending on the comments, I maybe changing my theme tomorrow. 🙂

For now, good night everyone! Keep the comments coming!

I really hate this, everything has changed since he started studying.. There’s no food for me, no one I can rely on when I need help. I feel so alone. Day by day I feel regret why did I give him a chance to study when in fact what he has to do is take care of the baby or work? I didn’t want things to be like this…

I made my decision, I will start my home based job either by December 10 or 25.. No regrets, then if we got nothing to eat I don’t care I wont do anything, I will let him find the solution to the problem all the time. I wont help out!! NO MORE MISS NICE WIFE!

Anyhow, dear readers, I need you to pray for me, tomorrow my friend broker will meet with the potential buyer of my cousins from which if it gets sold, I will have my fair share of 10 percent, to my dear followers, they know how much I need this. So please pray for me. I really need the money I will get from the sold condo.

Speaking of condominiums, if you are looking for a condominium here in the Philippines, then you are in the right page!

If you are interested you may email me at or text me at
+639151081830 Thank you so much!

Just got home. GLAD!

Today I just approved 69 comments. Wow. Thank you for all the support guys. I really appreciate the sudden increase of traffic and comments. I am so glad that I have audience for my site. Sooner or later I will get a paid domain for personal and business purposes. If I will get a paid domain, what theme would you like to suggest? Random? Like what I do here? And if I will get a paid domain, will you guys consider for posting ads here? I really appreciate your support guys! And if I reached 1,500 hits before November ends, I will launch my paid website on December 25, 2011and go on with my business plans for my websites. That’s a promise! So for my supporters and for those who really want this blog to be successful, continue visiting and promoting my website. Thank you for all the support! I feel so blessed! thank you Lord!