The Birth of my Website,

Welcome to the world of web, I just want to welcome my site. I now have my domain and my host. I am so happy. Like a mother of my website, I have dream to, I just want it to earn and be known something.. But since it was just born, we have to start step by step.

1. By letting the world of web know its birth.
December 1, 2011, the birth of my website,

2. Learning step by step.
Like a kid, month by month, it learns something new. And since we are both new to this stuff, new mother and new web, we learn from each other..

I know soon, my website will earn, my website will be known. And I want you, to be a part of it! 🙂

So now, I want you to register and be an author here in my site, everyone is welcome! 🙂

Lhyzie, Thank you for all your help with the hosting and domain,I wouldn’t have this without you. for a cheap price of Domain.

HexSolutions.Net for a cheap value for hosting!

Someday, my website will be known.:)

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