EarnMailer deserves an apology!!

I didn’t know that I would come to a point that I will need to blog about this. I am very sorry for my blog last time. This is the second time I will apologize in a blog to Earn Mailer. They had answer all my queries to find out that it was my fault, I didn’t know I had two accounts, so I already deleted the other account to avoid confusion. I AM using earn mailer at home and at work so I didn’t now that I had two accounts. Thanks to earn mailer who informed me about it! Kudos! I felt embarrassed with what I said and what I blogged about them. They didn’t deserved it. I grew paranoid with all the pay to email that spread around the internet. I am very sorry my dear Earn Mailer! Please do forgive me, and I would still want to be a member of Earn Mailer. I was really lucky to found out about your site. A few load credits was a real help especially for Filipinos! Good job to you guys and keep up the good work. It’s nice to know that I found a legitimate site here in the internet that pays and answers all your queries. So guys, sign up for Earn Mailer at :

And I assure you this site is legitimate and will really pay out. Easy to earn, pays good especially for Filipinos. Kudos, and my apologies! Keep up the good job!

Earn Mailer,
Thanks for reading my blog! Pls keep on visiting my website. Thank you!

I really hate this, everything has changed since he started studying.. There’s no food for me, no one I can rely on when I need help. I feel so alone. Day by day I feel regret why did I give him a chance to study when in fact what he has to do is take care of the baby or work? I didn’t want things to be like this…

I made my decision, I will start my home based job either by December 10 or 25.. No regrets, then if we got nothing to eat I don’t care I wont do anything, I will let him find the solution to the problem all the time. I wont help out!! NO MORE MISS NICE WIFE!

Anyhow, dear readers, I need you to pray for me, tomorrow my friend broker will meet with the potential buyer of my cousins from which if it gets sold, I will have my fair share of 10 percent, to my dear followers, they know how much I need this. So please pray for me. I really need the money I will get from the sold condo.

Speaking of condominiums, if you are looking for a condominium here in the Philippines, then you are in the right page!

If you are interested you may email me at athenajeunnessemae@yahoo.com or text me at
+639151081830 Thank you so much!