I really hate this, everything has changed since he started studying.. There’s no food for me, no one I can rely on when I need help. I feel so alone. Day by day I feel regret why did I give him a chance to study when in fact what he has to do is take care of the baby or work? I didn’t want things to be like this…

I made my decision, I will start my home based job either by December 10 or 25.. No regrets, then if we got nothing to eat I don’t care I wont do anything, I will let him find the solution to the problem all the time. I wont help out!! NO MORE MISS NICE WIFE!

Anyhow, dear readers, I need you to pray for me, tomorrow my friend broker will meet with the potential buyer of my cousins from which if it gets sold, I will have my fair share of 10 percent, to my dear followers, they know how much I need this. So please pray for me. I really need the money I will get from the sold condo.

Speaking of condominiums, if you are looking for a condominium here in the Philippines, then you are in the right page!

If you are interested you may email me at athenajeunnessemae@yahoo.com or text me at
+639151081830 Thank you so much!